Credit Agreement

To open a credit account the following criteria must be met and agreed to.

1. To obtain a credit account, a minimum TOTAL spend of £1000 & V.A.T is required.

2. A credit limit will be based on 20% of the total paid invoices in the previous 24 months.

3. Any orders under £100 nett will not be granted credit and should be paid for at the time of ordering.

4. All credit customers will be required to provide us with their home and business address(es). Credit / debit card details will be taken at the time of ordering unless kept on our secure system.

5. Our terms are strictly 30 days and payment will be taken by ourselves on the given date. Any customer wishing to pay by bank transfer should inform us either on or before the due payment date.

6. Any late payment will result in no further goods being supplied until fully paid and may result in your credit facilities being withdrawn.

7. By having a credit facility we understand that you have read, agreed and accepted the above terms.